Workshop in Methods (WIM)

The Workshop in Methods (WIM) was created in 2009 with the mission of providing introductory education and training in sophisticated research methods to graduate students and faculty in the social sciences at Indiana University. Our goal is to supplement statistics and methods courses across the Bloomington campus with topical workshops led by leading methodological scholars from IU and across the United States.

WIM is currently directed by Patricia McManus, working with the WIM advisory committee and the Social Science Research Commons. The initial idea for WIM began with Scott Long, who discussed his vision with Dr. William Alex Pridemore. Pridemore created WIM and directed the series until 2013.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Dr. Coady Wing, "Using Instrumental Variables to Interpret Experiments, Choice Experiments, and Survey Nonresponse"

Social Science Research Commons Grand Hall


Classical applications of instrumental variables analysis are justified by structural models of behavior, and assumptions about the relationship between measured and unmeasured variables. Experimental and quasi-Experimental research designs present a partial alternative to structural modeling that is useful for answering certain types of research questions. It turns out that instrumental variables analysis can also help us make sense of several different research designs.

This workshop will introduce the key assumptions involved in instrumental variables analysis from the perspective of research design. It will examine the way instrumental variables can play a role in the analysis of data from (i) classical randomized experiments, (ii) experiments that mix randomization and participant choice, and (iii) surveys that suffer from nonresponse. In each case, research designs justify some instrumental variable assumptions and not others. Examples and best practices for applied research will be discussed throughout.

Coady Wing is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

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