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Software and Computational Resources

Researchers have several options for accessing software and computational resources for statistical analyses. The Knowledge Base provides a summary of statistical and mathematical software availability on the IUB campus. Researchers can also use the Supercomputing Pathfinder quiz to help determine which high-performance computing system best suits the needs of your project.

IUanyWare is a client virtualization service that allows IU researchers to use certain IU-licensed software applications, including R, SAS, SAS JMP, SPSS, and Stata, through a web browser or mobile app. IUanyWare works best with smaller datasets and/or quick analyses. Read more about setting up and using IUAnyWare in the Knowledge Base.

Research Desktop (RED) lets researchers use a graphical user interface (GUI) running on your personal device to launch and control a session running on the Carbonate research supercomputer. Researchers can use R, SAS, SPSS, or Stata through this interface, which can be accessed using the ThinLinc client or a web browser. Read more about getting started with RED in the Knowledge Base, or get started by enrolling in the Supercomputing for Everyone Series (SC4E): Research Desktop (RED) at IU on-demand online course through IU Expand. 

Indiana University is home to several world-class supercomputers. Information about IU's supercomputers is available in the Knowledge Base; researchers can also use the Pathfinder tool to identify the best fit for their projects. Training is also available for researchers unfamiliar with Unix environments, through UITS' Supercomputing for Everyone Series (SC4E). An on-demand online course, Carbonate at IU, is also available through IU Expand.

The Knowledge Base provides a summary of statistical and mathematical software availability on the IUB campus, including software available for purchase. Some software purchases are available through the IUWare site. Researchers can also contact the Research Applications and Deep Learning group, which manages these software leases.

Additional Resources and References

References and resources suggested by our statistical consultants and SSRC community members.

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  • UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education Statistical Consulting Website ( Frequently Asked Questions and online resources for a range of statistical techniques and software packages.
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