Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Indiana University is a proud member of the Kentucky Research Data Center  (KRDC) consortium. The KRDC is a collaboration between the University of Kentucky and the U.S. Census Bureau established by a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2016. KRDC is part of the nationwide system of Federal Statistical Research Data Centers. Through the KRDC, located in Lexington, KY, Indiana University researchers are able to access restricted data from participating federal statistical agencies.

Fall 2020 Informational Webinar

The Kentucky Research Data Center (KRDC)

KRDC is secure facility, and researchers wishing to use the facility must develop a project proposal, receive approval for the project, and undergo security clearance. More information is available on the KRDC's "Policies and Procedures" page. Researchers interested in developing a project proposal can start by contacting Emily Meanwell, Indiana University's KRDC advisory board representative.

There are no fees charged to IU researchers for using the KRDC, except for those additional fees assessed by the NCHS and BLS for their data products.

We have compiled a list of popular data resources available through the KRDC. Information is also available on the KRDC's "Data Products" page, as well as through ResearchDataGov.