Hi, I am Dipanwita Mallick. I am a graduate student majoring in Data Science. I worked for Cognizant Technology Solutions for 3.5 years before joining Indiana University as graduate student. My expertise lies in the field of Operations Management, called BPM(Business Process Management) that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company’s business processes with the use of information technology. When I first came to know about Big Data and Data Science, I found it very exciting and eventually I came to wonder, what exactly is it that is so fulfilling about working as a data scientist?

My first project was Indiana University Campus Bus Transport System where I and my team performed computational experiments using real data. We implemented optimization techniques in R to determine optimized route with increased bus utilization and reduction in transportation time. Later I worked on projects like Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of Sentiment. My interest for data grew and I started exploring and analyzing a lot of datasets. I also have an experience of geospatial data analysis in Centre for Geospatial Data Analysis, Indiana Geological Survey where I performed GIS analysis, geo-referencing and digitizing. I also served as an Associate Instructor for courses like “Mathematical Foundation of Informatics” and “Information Representation”.

I am always looking for opportunities through which I can broaden my knowledge and to be able to work for Social Science Research Commons is the best thing that can have ever happened to me. I feel honored and excited to be a part of Social Science Research Commons and will give my best to it in every way I can.

Dipanwita has consulting hours on Wednesdays from 9-12. To schedule an appointment, please email dmallick@umail.iu.edu.